The History


 Dark color, geometric shapes - the table has every feature of a loft interior. At the same time, it escapes the rigid frames and has that "something" in its nature. Not only has it a raw, industrial style, but also freshness and mysterious modernity. Everyone sometimes thinks of the future. We have different ideas about ourselves and happen to aim very high. The same situation was with another knight of the Round Table - Lanval, who was very hopeful about the future and believed that everyone can achieve happiness. Maybe that's why he fell in love with a fairy... Let yourself be enchanted by magic - the magic of the future - the Lanval table.


Sklep Clodrus sprzedaje luksusowe stoły w stylu loftowym. Dysponujemy również stołami Premium dla specjalnych klientów.
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*presented table is made of black powder coated frame and oiled solid oak top.

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