The History


Galahad, who inspired this table, one of the bravest knights of King Arthur. His incredible courage allowed him to win victories on every battlefield, in all corners of the world, to eventually find the Holy Grail. The world is open to anyone who is not afraid of challenges and victory. This unique table was created for the brave. Its legs are directed in four directions of the world. The unique design distinguishes it from others and gives it uniqueness. Reach for your dreams, even if their fulfillment seems to you distant - like the farthest lands. Each step brings you closer to a victory, like the one of Galahad.


Sklep Clodrus sprzedaje luksusowe stoły w stylu loftowym. Dysponujemy również stołami Premium dla specjalnych klientów.
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*presented table is made of black powder coated frame and oiled solid oak top.

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