Information about cookies

1.     Service uses cookie files.

2.     Cookie files are telemetric data, text files in particular, which are stored in a Service user terminal. Usually cookies contain web page name they come from, storage time in the terminal and a unique number.

3.     The subject putting cookie files on the terminal of Service user and gaining access to them is Service operator.

4.     Cookie files are used for following puproses:

a.     statistics making, which help to understand how Service users use the websites, what helps improving their structure and content.

b.     user profile evaluation in order to display to him matched content in ad networks, Google network in particular.

5.     There are two main types of cookies used in Service: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporaly files stored in the user's terminal by the time he or she log out, leave the website or close the web browser. Persistent cookies are stored in the user's terminal for the period of time specified in cookie files parameters or by the time the user deletes them.

6.     Website browsing software (web browser) usually allows cookie files storage in the user's termianal by default. Service users can change the settings in this matter. A web browser allows cookies deletion. It is possible to automatically block cookie files. Help or web browser documentation contain more detailed information on this matter

7.     Cookie files usage limitations can impact on some functionalities available on Service web sites.

8.     Cookie files placed in the Service user terminal can be also used by the advertisers and partners cooperating with Service operator.

9.      We suggest that privacy policy of those companies should be read to know the rules of using cookie files used in the statistics: Privacy Policy for Google Analytics.

10.   Cookie files can be used by ad networks, Google network in particular, to display ads matched to the way the user uses Service. For this purpose they can save the navigation path of the user or the time he or she spends on given web site.

11.   In the range of the information about the user's preferences amassed by Goggle ad netowork the user can browse and edit the information ensued from cookie files with this tool:


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