The History

People have argued since ancient times, especially when power was in question. It was the legendary ruler, King Arthur, who was able to end the feud and unite many brave knights. He needed only one thing: the round table... This object can evoke different emotions: "round" - symbolizes equality, "rectangular" - outlines the hierarchy. One of the King's knights, Clodrus, noticed this pattern and passed it on to his sons. For many centuries, unique London tables have been created and each of them hides an exciting story related to a family member of the brave Knight. Let yourself be carried away by the story and find a part of yourself in it ... Be amazed by the combination of history, round table in the form of wood and weapon in the form of steel. We divided it all using a common denominator - the desire to create beautiful things. For Clodrus, it was strengthened by his own legend, for us, it is hard, but rewarding craftsmanship. Let's start a common adventure, traveling through many eras in search of our Holy Grail. For us, it will be perfect furniture.

Sklep Clodrus sprzedaje luksusowe stoły w stylu loftowym. Dysponujemy również stołami Premium dla specjalnych klientów.
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